Setting up the Client


1: Downlaod the client to your preffered storage area.

2: Click on the Phoniex Rising.exe Installer

3: click extract and wait for the  files to install

4: navigate to your C drive/programs86/phoenix Rising    folder and open it

5: Inside you will see three exe files.   Launcher, Main and settings.  we reccomend that you start the client with  the MAIN.exe file.   you will connect to our server and will have your client updated and patched.  This noramlly takes just a few seconds.

6:   once the patch is finished click Start game and select the phoenix Rising server and sub server on the top.  

7; log in with the inforamtion u created on the main website  PhoenixMU.Pro 

8: Create your first char and enjoy!


You can find player guides on the guides section of the homepage.


Posted14 / 08 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.