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Noria is located east of Lorencia. This is the elves’ city where the Fairy Elves start the game. Always bathed in a bright sunshine, Noria is considered the most beautiful land mass on the continent. On the center of Noria is the Chaos Machine, which is used to combine items and jewels needed to create powerful items used by the high level characters. Characters other than Fairy Elves need level 10 to visit Noria.




Lorencia is a city located on the plains on the center of Mu. The Dark Knights, Dark Wizards, Magic Gladiators and Dark Lords start their careers here. This is the easiest map on the game, suitable for low-level training until they can reach the perilous lands of Devias and Dungeon. This city also is the main trading center on the game, and often you’ll find characters on the market square selling their items. Elves that wish to visit Lorencia must reach level 10 first. The entrance to Noria is located in the eastern corner of Lorencia, with the entrance to the Dungeon located slightly further north. The entrance to Davias is located on the north western edge of the map.

Devias (Davias)

The land of Devias, to the north of Lorencia, is a land covered with a perpetual snow. This land has stronger monsters than Noria and Lorencia, so only characters over level 15 can enter. It’s the favorite town for mid to high level characters, as it has monsters that suit their training needs.If you want to teleport there you need to be level 50.


Long before Kundun’s arrival the Dungeon was used as a jail. However when the feudal wars began, the Dungeon was abandoned, and when Kundun arrived he occupied it as an outpost from where he can send monsters to attack Lorencia. Kundun set one of his most faithful servants, Gorgon, to control it. The Dungeon is a three-story cave, becoming increasingly difficult with every floor, with Gorgon on the deepest room. One of Dungeon's particular traits is the amount of traps located on the ground and walls. Always be very careful when walking around Dungeon.

Lost Tower

The Lost Tower used to be a shrine dedicated to life, but it was invaded by Kundun and has been cursed with evil. Now the seven story tower is dark, and some of the most dangerous creatures of the land are in it. On the seventh floor is Balrog, A huge creature resembling a Centaur. There are many ground traps in this map, which unleash a barrage of meteorites that hit every person on-screen. People usually form groups while fighting in here, and high levels often train here. Requires level 80 to enter.


Atlans is the sea to the east of Noria. When Kundun arose, his ancient servant, Hydra, had fled to these seas, carrying one of the pieces of the Sealing Stone. This is one of the best training maps for mid-high level characters, and it requires level 60 to enter. Since the area is underwater the players swim instead of walk, and they can’t enter with a mount.


This is a desert to the north of Atlans. This is the best map for high levels to train in. Tarkan, meaning “Desert of Death," is ridden with some of the strongest monsters found on the continent of Mu. Within Tarkan are two powerful monsters, the Zaikan and Death Beam Knight. Requires level 130 to enter or 140 to warp in.


This map is based on the skies above Mu. The strongest monsters on the game are found on this place. Only people that can fly using wings or with a Dinorant can enter. One of the strongest monsters, the Phoenix of Darkness, is on the highest cloud, and is hard to defeat.


On this map are ruins that are ravaged by a strong water current. It is an event location, so it's divided into several difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 6 with character level limitations. At the end of each map, which resembles a corridor in shape, is a monster named "Illusion of Kundun", which can range from being fairly easy, as in Kalima 1, to very difficult, as in Kalima 4, 5, and 6. However, at the end of the map on coordinaties 41:81 on level 6 is Kundun himself, the strongest monster so far.

Valley of Loren

A map in which Castle Siege is held, but private servers can allow visitations if they do not allow Castle Siege events.

Land of Trials

A land reserved to the owning guild of the castle on Valley of Loren from winning the Castle Siege. The owning guild's master may choose to either block other people (so they have an exclusive training area without Kill Stealing and with very good drops) or charge players an amount fee to enter. It has recently opened on Global Servers.

Arena or Stadium

Should two guilds be at war they can reason their fights playing 'MU Battle Soccer' in the arena, where both killing the adversaries and scoring goals renders the guild points. Other players may watch the game if they want. The arena is usually used for repotting because of its easy access to the Stadium Guard who sells potions. On most private servers, Arena is considered as a training place.


The grassy lowlands of MU, it is like her sister map Noria but much bigger and beautiful, it is extensive and holds strong monsters.


The Crywolf map can be entered through the Valley of Loren. It is an event map where characters must protect a statue while also fighting off powerful monsters, including the boss Balgass. At the time of this event, The Crywolf Fortress change from a safe zone to a battle zone. Everyone in the server cluster is allowed to participate. The characters have to fight against waves of mosters that try to destroy the 5 pillar around the Crystal Wolf Statue. In this event, 5 level 350 or higher muse elves protect and give power to pillars, while the other characters defend against the monsters that enter into the fortress.


A new map that comes with the season 2. it can be entered through Tarkan. As is Crywolf, this map is only for events. It isn't available in Global Mu Online yet.

Balgass Barracks

New map that comes with the Season 3. It can be entered through CryWolf by talking to a NPC 'Werewolf Quarrel'. This map has been introduced because of the 3rd Class Quest.

Balgass Refuge

New Map that comes as well with the third Season. It can be entered through 'Balgass Barracks' by talking to a NPC 'GateKeeper'. There, you must face the ultimate challenge and complete the last phase of the Change Class Quest.

Illusion Temple

New Mass Event Map. A place for a new kind of event. A battle between 2 teams: Blue Team and Yellow Team.


Blood Castle

Blood Castle is an event where players must recover a fallen angel's weapon at the end of the castle. Players in the event progress through different stages of the castle, including killing a certain amount of monsters and destroying a gate and a statue. When the statue is destroyed, the fallen angel's weapon will be recovered, and should be returned to the fallen angel. Once it is returned, the player who returned it will be rewarded with two Jewels of Chaos, some zen and some experience.


Chaos Castle

Chaos Castle is an event where all the competing players are placed against each other along with some monsters in a free-for-all deathmatch. To enter, an armor of the guard must be purchased from a shop. When a notice appears that Chaos Castle is about to start, you can click on the armor and it will send you to Chaos Castle. You must pay a fee to enter, depending on your level.

Before Chaos Castle starts, a random competitor would be awarded all the fee the players paid to enter this event.

All of the participating players will appear to be wearing the same armor, and each class will appear to be wielding identical weapons, but their inventories won't actually be altered in any way. Notice that players may wear their wings but have to get in without driving a pet. Once Chaos Castle has started, it will fill up with look-alike monsters until it contains 100 characters. Some of this monsters are traps which explodes when killed, killing players near it. Monsters also drops jewels upon death. While the players are fighting, the castle will start to perish and break up from the sides, doing so until there are only around six player squares left. In order to complete the event, a player must survive through the event and eliminate all of the other participants. The winner will receive a Jewel of Life or Jewel of Creation or a very slight chance of getting an Ancient item.


Castle Siege

Castle Siege is an event which serves as an extension of the regular Guild War. 1 Guild owns the castle, and 3 attacking teams attempt to take it over from the current owners. It takes place in Valley of Loren and lasts for 2 hours.


Devil Square

Devil Square can be entered by talking to Charon on Noria. It is divided into either four or seven different stages. The stage that a character must enter depends on its level. Once this event starts, many monsters will continually spawn and slowly wander around aimlessly. The goal of this event is to survive for 20 minutes while killing monsters to score points and obtain experience.

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